About Us

THE KUSH KHRU are a group of young 2nd gen hybrids and the offspring of genetically modified, soul-less anti-heroes enhanced in secret underground biological labs at the dawn of the "Millennial Reich"

The modus operandi of the 1st gen "Demi-gods"  were to conquer mankind by their evil schemes, deceit and brute force. Numbing, dumbing down and brainwashing the entire World yielding it's citizens into chemically castrated sheeple as it all started with the exploitation and prohibition of an herb molecularly altered and commercially branded as the natural and non addictive, non biologically enhanced cannabis sativa. These same RNA altering biological strands became infused into all sustenance of the human ecological supply.

Which utterly lead the weak, over indulging and the glutenous reeling down a destructible path in search of other stronger more addictive and deadly mind altering alternatives transforming what was once considered homosapien into a myriad of abominable creatures in which loves no one, own's nothing and love's it.

Therefore while the people were high, the World was ingulfed in a haze and it's inhabitants transformed and enslaved by their blindness, greed and propensity to "rock on" whilst the cities burned.

After the Reich's diabolical plan had reached it's fruition it was then ordered that all 1st gen demi gods be immediately and utterly destroyed by the same Nano genetic technologies they so eagerly entrusted to be infused with their DNA.

The Reich never actually intended on risking the 1st gen using their mighty and bewitching powers to then over throw their master's so from the precept there was set a contingency.  Hence, the same implant technology be secretly grafted with "Kill Code" particles Unbeknownst to all program participants, with this deal their fate was inevitably sealed.

Enter THE KUSH KHRU a chemically enhanced, heavily addicted KHRU of eleven VIGILANTES dwell in the secret underworld of Laos and are trained in the masterful art of Muay Thai. Each of which yield enormous super fighting modes by harnessing the powers and elements of Nature and Beast. 

The KHRU will avenge the deaths of the 1st gen demi gods "their parents" and seek atonement for the misdeeds of their progenitors by taking on anyone or anything that stands in their pathway to redemption.
When "Powering Up"
1. The longer they remain sober and soaking the power elements of the Jadeite Stone the more power they gain
2. The bigger they dance their KHRU (Khru= fight dance) The badder they bring the pain.
3. The harder they train the more energy elements they obtain 

Join the KHRU, fight against the Reich for sobriety and seek a safe secure path to recovery and help save humanity and especially the youth. Combat big pharma, celebrity brainwashing and zombie sheeple in the coming Aquarian order. THE KUSH KHRU is all about health, fitness and overcoming drug abuse and addiction. Through a charming world of evolutionary style.

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Everything about THE KUSH KHRU revolves around our commitment to help you feel the best and inspire confidence in you.
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