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1. FUNNE (pronounced FUNNY) Being bullied and teased as a child FUNNE found that he could distract his opposition by becoming the class clown. FUNNE had grown so popular by this alter ego that it subsequently led him into entertainment as a circus clown. Problem was FUNNE hated himself and his life and became a self medicating flakka user. FUNNE finally faced his demons and with the help of his teammates beat flakka and now kicks the pants off bullies and exotic drug manufacturers

2. FUNNE (pronounced FUNNY)

Strength: 6

Stamina: 10

Speed: 10

Wit: 8

Skillset: 4

This cotton canvas tote bag is both stylish and practical.

• 6 oz, 100% cotton canvas
• 22” dual handles
• Dimensions: 14 ½” x 15 ½”